The Wrong Perspective of a God Move

Many people know by now that my family and I have moved from Springfield, IL back to our hometown, Columbus, OH. Initially when we announced the move, people were shocked, angry, disappointed, and sad. I cannot express enough how I felt every single emotion directed toward my family, good and bad. Shifting in another direction is not the easiest part of life.

If I am honest, I realize that many people will never understand how someone can be called of God to be in a place or perform a task and it may only be for a season. Some people shared with me their hopes and beliefs that my family will be blessed in the midst of this transition and beyond. I am forever grateful for the encouragement of those who recognize that the Kingdom of God is much bigger than one location.

In some cases, people have revealed aspects of themselves that have not yet been touched by the Spirit of God. I can say without any hesitation that all people are constantly undergoing a procession of redemption and wholeness. Nevertheless, all who are believers have been called of God to demonstrate love, people, and grace. It is in my quiet moments that I have come to one safe resolution. People do not understand the workings of God.

One of the most innocent yet challenging saying of people in the church is the following: “that’s my pastor”. Innocent from the mouths of some people because the phrase indicates love and endearment toward the vessel that God is using to bless His people. Challenging from a different perspective because it implies ownership, dominion, and control.

When God-ordained transition happens in life, the opportunity is presented to see how much faith and Jesus people really possess. When change happens, the “real you” comes out. Suddenly, the church moves from the pristine nature of the bride of Christ to the jilted lover. That attitude causes the world to assume or believe that faith in Christ must not have great stability.

Listen, everything in life is seasonal. The only aspect of our existence that is not seasonal is the mandate and manifestation of the Kingdom of God. Just because people leave does not mean that Jesus is dead. Just because people are propelled into new assignments does not mean that the calling of God is placed on pause. Just because I am venturing into a new direction does not suggest that I quit in my previous assignment. We all need to see things through God’s eyes.

Consider this. Moses and Joshua were told to lead the people of Israel through troubled, rising waters. However, each account had distinct differences. When Moses led the people they were just coming out of captivity and were being chased by their captors. As Joshua led the people, he was told to enter into the waters with the Ark of Covenant until the Lord divided the waters. Both were water experiences, but each one had a different mandate.

God has never functioned or moved according to our whims or commands. God is not one you and I can manipulate into fulfilling our own will. We are the clay to be shape into the image and likeness of God. We need to repent of the hell that we put people through to make ourselves feel better and consider that maybe God has a plan and purpose that is bigger than us.

In 35 years of living as of this upcoming Friday, I have never gone wrong trusting in the plan of God. The difficulty is overcoming the “me” factor in order to experience the promise of God in the stage of complete fulfillment. If my previous relationship would have worked out like I hope at one time, I would not have the wife and son I do today. If I would have received the job at Wells Fargo in 2005, I might not have pursed ministry with the passion that I have today.

Think about it. Many of the decision you have made in life when guided by God have produced major results. Bullets missed you because you followed God. Toxic relationships ended because you trusted God. Increase happened in your life because of your yes to Jesus.

So when you experience transition of any kind remember these few things:

  1. Everyone is seasonal.
  2. Don’t waste time worrying about when the season will end.
  3. Enjoy all aspects of the season.
  4. Gain useful tools and help to aid your transition.
  5. Appreciate the season for what it means to your life.
  6. Bless the season you had because it will be a blessing to others.
  7. Care for the seeds from your previous season. If cared for, they will produce a harvest.

When change happens, will we feel something about it? Of course, you will. You have feelings and emotions. Nevertheless, God is always up to something. You may not be able to trace it. You may not be able to feel it right now. You may doubt the purpose for the change. Just remember, God wants your attention. When He gets it, you will gain what is truly in store for you.

Stay way up blessed…..