Welcome to my world…..

My name is Charles W. Ferguson. I am known by many names, titles, and experiences. My main objective is to be the best Child of God I can. While attempting to be a husband, father, pastor, and leader, I have a million things that are on my mind. That’s why I am in this piece of cyberspace.

I want to help people know that their uniqueness is important. Nothing about your journey is wasted. The opinions of the world do not dictate what God has destined for your life. This season of living demands that we think about life critically and intentionally.

My hope is that through the pen and other means that I can be an encourager in your day to day journey. I know this thing called life is not easy. However, we are truly here in this moment for one another. Take time to explore the site. I am excited for the opportunity to be in connection with you.


Be Blessed,

Dr. Charles W. Ferguson