Have We Learn Anything Yet….

I find it amazing how much has occurred in our world over the last few years. Our country is rediscovering overt racism. The desire for absolute power is corrupting the minds of those who driven by ego. Millions of people are proving that they are sheep gone astray. On top of those generalizations, many individuals have decided to incorporate religion with the god of politics.

Unfortunately, people have decided to bow down to so many false idols that they don’t realize how displeased God is with them. How is it possible that how country can trade basic love and decency for a few dollars and popularity? How is it Christlike to demean and reject people of all places and spaces? What Jesus did we read about that said love your neighbor only if they did not engage in our view of racial or cultural stereotypes?

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I am commanded not only to read and understand the Word of God but to live out the precepts as well. Therefore, I am commanded to love and be concerned for all humanity. I am also commanded to disrupt the status quo that world will become a better place for those who will come after.

The reality that I see before me are hundreds of people being killed in Chicago, unarmed people being target practice for rogue cops, millions of people suggesting that acquisition of guns should have boundaries, and millions more declaring their allegiance to the isms and schisms that continue to divided the nation.

Please excuse my next few lines, but I am no longer in the mood for people to attempt to whitewash, kum by ya away, or redefine the narrative to present an existence that is foreign and imaginary. AS much as I would love to sing we shall overcome, the truth is that overcoming requires the confrontation with the truth of this life. However, people are not ready to address it and deal with it in an honest setting.

Many people do not want to address that Black Lives Matter or that crime is the vehicle to eliminate entire communities. We don’t want to talk….excuse me, I misspoke. We have done way too much talking without developing strategies for change. I don’t want to hear about what a community needs when no one asks the community. I don’t want to hear about what the church needs to do from people who are unwilling to partner with Christ first then the community of believers.

Have we learn nothing from Jesus? The equation is still the same.

  1. True connection with the nature, presence, and power of God
  2. Walking out the precepts of God’s Word
  3. Be willing to challenge the injustice that is opposed to God’s will

If we continue to live in the realm of apathy, this nation will be completely in hell. Yes, hell is very present now, but think about how much will be unleashed. We need to learn some lessons before we mess everything up.

Lesson 1: Have your own thoughts on a subject. That means actually take the time to look up everything and investigate all information. Don’t be led astray because you are too lazy to look for it.

Lesson 2: Stop waiting for others to step forward when something is wrong. Open your mouth (figuratively or literally) and address the wrong. Don’t stop there. Present a solution.

Lesson 3: Recognize that you are in this time of history for a reason. You are not a waste of space. You have gifts, talents, and skills that are important to the advancement of the Kingdom agenda and world change.

Lesson 4: Your actions are to give a stronger foundation for the next generation. Don’t start the next generation on grounds littered with lies. Don’t tell them what they can’t do. Don’t tell them that their heritage is full of people that lacked competence. Don’t tell them they can’t experience greatness. Tell them what God says about them.

A renewed perspective will generate a new appreciation for what humanity was meant to be in this world. Nobody is an object for target practice. Nobody is a pawn in some political game of chess. Everyone has value. It is time to regain it before it is too late.