It has been too long and I got something to say……

So I haven’t been in the blogosphere in a good while. Most of that time has been spent trying to adjust to the current condition of life. The world has become a place of diminish hope and faith. The world has become colder. The world feels like a foreign place. I know as a believer that Heaven is my home, and I am a pilgrim passing through. However, this world has become a place I don’t recognize. 

I grew up believing that if I performed well in the classroom, have good character, and demonstrate my faith in God that my life would turn out well. I was given a bill of goods that stated that good yields good without challenge. The truth is that the seeds that you sow eventually reap a harvest. Yet, the harvest is not without challenge during the growing process. It is the process that teaches us about the metal of our faith and belief in God. 

As we enter into 2017, it becomes necessary for us to consider how we will navigate through the process of life. We must consider that 2017 will be the time where we must travel through the waters of race relations, political unrest, spiritual disorder, and moral chaos. This upcoming year will be the moment that will decide whether people are going to continue in the pattern of settling for the status quo, 0r deciding to take a stand for what is right. 

People are looking to the new year hoping that it will yield so much better than 2016. The truth is we must bring something to the table in order to see the new year become something meaningful. My question for all of you is this: what are you willing to do? What process are you willing to endure to see the full manifestation of God working in your life? What people are you willing to dismiss in order to arrive at your God appointed destination? Are you willing to learn from your specific process? 

Let me encourage as many people as possible to take the journey leading into the new year. If you are concerned about the political and social climate of our world, go through the process of learning your place in the liberation of the maligned and disenfranchised. If you are struggling with your relationship with God, go through the process of learning what Word says. Call on the Holy Spirit to give you insight into all things. If you feel hopeless, go through the process of finding the hopeful. Whatever you must do in 2017, take the chance to grow and go through the process. Don’t give up. You will be better on the other side…..