Don’t Waste Your Time…

After watching The Social Dilemma, I have found myself reassessing how I view the thoughts and ideas of others via the medium of social media. I read many different concepts and thought processes on a daily basis. While taking in the information, I realize how much discord is associated with the ideas and thoughts of many.

One of my friends made a simple post regarding the acceptance of white supremacy by leadership. That post turn into a monster full of angst, vitriol, and lack of nuance. The defense of hateful ideology and the rejection of insightful research and information caused me to step back and consider how far humanity has devolved.

While reading the thread, I was reminded of how much indoctrination, isolation, and whitewashed worldview can influence the means by which people address the challenges of our society. It is no wonder that has a black man, a Christian man, and a human being I weep at the sight of this current reality.

I once heard Cornel West speak at Columbus State Community College. He spoke about the mini misnomers surrounding the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Many people have framed the southern preacher through the lens of non-violence with a hint of soft overtone. Many people have deified Dr. King in order to strip the power of the message by co-opting the movement.

Many people continue to extract pieces of the movement and message in order to manipulate it for the purposes of maintaining a status quo of a nation that is never lived up to its creed nor its potential. People continue to use ideas and concepts in order to embolden and strengthen the position of supremacist thought and ideology. I, for one, cannot continue to watch and listen to inept thinking.

Imagine being a black man who understands that everything about him is not monolithic. Imagine someone who doesn’t have the same experiences, live in the same skin, nor has the same perspective telling you that being black should have white comfort attached to it. Imagine having to listen to someone say love it or leave it in their own tone while recognizing they will never take the time to possibly realize that they might be wrong. Then you understand the daily journey of being black in America.

As I’ve written many times, my job is not to make anyone feel comfortable about their current condition. As a preacher, the gospel is not supposed to give you ease. It is supposed to compel you to action and movement on a daily basis. By doing the will of God, you discover what peace truly feels like.

As a black man in America, my very presence is a protest to white supremacy. My approach to all of life circumstances is an affront to every oppressive ideology that exists. My education declares that I know how to navigate in a society that does not want me, while using my efforts to make certain that all people become free. Therefore, I am not obligated nor willing to capitulate and bow down to make any individual with evil or even misguided intentions comfortable in there sin.

Brothers and sisters, talkin is not getting us anywhere. I no longer can endorse anyone continuing to speak to brick walls. I cannot in good conscience ask anyone to continue to cast their pearls to swine. I cannot look towards anyone attempting to convince the stubborn to change. Much like many of our experiences in life, a hardhead will make a soft behind.

Do not waste your energy on those who just need to get warped. Your energy, intelligence, spirit, and intellect is better suited in the dismantling and developing of a new thing. Do not continue to recall that which is unwilling to be developed for all. Give yourself over to the original nature of human beings. God made us an image and likeness. Therefore, we have innate creativity, authority, and power to rise up and to bring about the world God intended.