Real Vision Heals Complacency and Discouragement

Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint,but blessed is he who keeps the law.—Proverbs 29:18, ESV

One of the great pet peeves of my life is finding people who refuse to see beyond their current moment. It becomes a challenge to vision plan, imagine greater, and pursue more when others are constantly speaking of their current condition only. I guess my pet peeve might be somewhat of a character flaw. However, I believe it grants insight into the difference between those who pursue vision and those content with the status quo.

On my social media feed, I came across something that made me laugh and brought a sobering reality to how many organizations and people operate daily. It was a meme of a pastoral search committee. The caption read, “Basically, we’re looking for an innovative pastor with fresh vision who will inspire our church to remain exactly the same.” I laughed really hard because my history with pastoral search committees have looked just like that.

Yet, I had to sit back and consider for a moment. Many groups of people possess this groupthink ideology of remaining the same while appearing to have a vision of going forward. Most people are afraid of forward thinking because it requires admitting that some methods have not worked. Brothers and sisters, this way of thinking and living is not going to elevate our ability to possess greater for our lives, community, and the future.
The scripture that is posted is a simple proverb that suggests that when vision is not giving people become discouraged. Discouragement and status quo living can only be healed by a proactive and intentional vision for the future. The question is how do we get to a greater future?

First and foremost, we must stop hindering ourselves by saying that today is all we have. We must begin to look at our community with different eyes. What does our future look like? How do we envision the community in 20 years? We must have fresh eyes that see the future no only in line with the surrounding trends, but birth innovators that will make our communities trendsetters.

Second, we must embrace visionary and innovative thinkers. We can no longer afford to reject individuals that present and give a fresh perspective on the outlook before us. We cannot say that what has worked is the only method to what shall be a future. If that was the case, we would have no need of innovation. So many people are burst out of our communities who are on the cutting edge of bringing renewal to all areas of life. Yet, they have felt that their abilities are not welcomed. If we do not change our attitudes, we will suffer like other great civilizations and organizations of history.

Third, we must finally admit that our complacency has brought us to this moment. We need to stop blaming everything else as to why we have not gone further. As an African-American man, I am a part of a lineage that has birthed many innovations, businesses, communities, and other trend setting avenues. I cannot except the thought that we lack the ability to do new things. If we have arrived at the moment of discouragement, it begins with us examining how much time and effort we have put in to being disenchanted without being determined. We must stop the cycle of letting others dictate to us what can be and reestablish our call to arms to change our atmosphere for the better.

It is time to heal the disenchantment of those who want more. We must cast the prophetic vision before our people perish.