Help Is Essential

One of the great challenges of my life is asking for help. I remember my mother always telling me, “If you don’t know something, ask someone to help you.” I was always determined to find a way to get the answer or solution before submitting that I was incapable of processing the moment.

The resistance to help was not always existent. I was not a person that wanted to have all the answers. I remember a moment when I wanted help, but I was told that I should already now how to do it. I know of times people who said they would be present decided that it was not worth the time. Yet somewhere in the mix, I was supposed to rest, relax, and trust that help would be there.

Ladies and gentlemen, the reality is that people are fallible. It is difficult for any human being to meet the expectations of others. At the same time, humanity has developed such a “me first” mentality that we are not demonstrating the ability to be of help to others. Help is essential to every person in the human race.

I don’t care what anyone believes. Everyone needs someone. No one can go through this journey of life alone. We all need to learn how to be the best version of ourselves while offering the grace all of us need to make it through from day to day. Let me offer a few steps to take along the way.

  1.  Function in Grace: The concept of grace is a free gift to people who do not always deserve it. The beauty and power of grace is seen when people like us apply to the lives of those who need it the most. Every person is not going to have a banner day. Heck, I just told my congregations that I was at a breaking point when it came to mental and emotional fatigue. I refuse to deal with people according to my feelings alone, when I am certain that at some point a person is possibly having the day from hell. Jesus offered grace freely in my worst state. I am mandated by that free gift to offer the same to those who need it. Grace is transformative and loving.
  2. Show Real Love: When encountering people going through moments of indecision, strife, calamity, or trouble, do not bow out by saying that they should know better or be capable of “xyz”. Examine the entire landscape. Love people through the hard moments. See if they need a hug, encouragement, or direction. Love in action is not just a few words from your mouth. Love in action is your ability to be an answer to someone’s prayer. It is having the capacity to share in a tangible sense that all will be well.
  3.  Be Prayerful: Do you know what is more valuable than money? Your presence in God’s presence. What do you mean? I mean someone who stays connected to God has the mind to know how to be present in someone’s life when it is absolutely necessary. Many people want to be in proximity to your person, situation, or circumstances. Few people want to be prayerful and be led by God to bring positive impact. When one is connecting through a praying posture (mental, emotional, spiritual), it is easy to see the path needed to aid and be present with anyone who needs help. It lessens the burden of making assumptions about what to do. You will have the right insight into how to be a blessing to someone’s life.

Let us all learn to be more helpful……

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