The Need for Confession and Change in an Apologetic Society

My personal goal for this week was create space between posts. Sometimes, we must give people the opportunity to process one thought to another. However, it would be disingenuous and near sinful not to provide critique possibly strategy regarding the current issue of the cruelty of migrant children being held in modified concentration camps.

I recognize that many of us did not live through the days of Native Indigenous people being removed from their tribal homelands, pushed to general locations, and stripping children of heritage through the education of a white supremacist Gospel. I understand that the slave trade over the Atlantic was not observe by many people. We did not watch men and women were auctioned off and stripped from their families. Some of us only read about our Asian brothers and sisters being imprisoned unjustly during World War II.

All these major events and many others have been a part of the fabric of this country. Through it all, many Americans still call our country “the land of the free”. People are still under the delusion that this place is the best country in the world. We have people  in government that stand to give apologetics for a nation that has not confessed and change from its wicked, systematic behavior.

Wait, preacher! You just use the word apologetics. Yeah, its a two dollar word that means to give a defense. In other words, our nation is known for defending its behavior rather than confessing and owning fault with the mind and determination to change. Look at the current record. Jeff Sessions and Sarah Sanders have conveniently decided that Biblical references are good for defending the inhumane actions of stripping children from their life sources–parents. The law is above basic human interaction and care. This type of thinking is nothing new.

Remember, slavery was legal. Imprisonment for interracial marriage was legal. Black men were 3/5th of a human in the Constitution. Black women and children did not add to the population in the same document. People have been murdered because of their sexuality. Lynching was a picnic event. Systematic, imperialistic, supremacist ideology is the backbone of the wealth and apparent prosperity of this country.

We allow people with no moral compass to continue to speak and act as proxy for a society that the majority of people are not about the destruction of the human condition. The same Jesus that is bastardized by Evangelicals (because I refuse to call them Christians) the child of refugees that escaped to Egypt. Wait for it…a place that once held his people as slaves. Deep revelation. Watch this…

Don’t miss the lesson. Egypt had people that found refuge in their nation due to lack of food and supplies in their homeland. Because of Joseph, the Israelites were able to prosper in Goshen and be restore. When Joseph died, the pharaoh did not know of Joseph or care about what was done as an opportunity to grow the nation. That pharaoh decided to imprison the people because of the assumption of the people taking away from Egypt (sound familiar).

Eventually, the pharaoh saw that Israel was still growing in spite of slavery. He put out an edict to kill the male children, but God has a sense of humor. God causes an intersection between a marked child, Moses and pharaoh’s daughter to take place. She takes this exotic child into her home and raises him. She got a wet nurse (Moses’ mother) to do all the child rearing (sounds familar….). The Israelite boy learn the Egyptian system, and God raised him up as a man to be a liberating force from the oppression of one bad leader.

I believe that ultimately that liberation experience changed the course of how Egyptians dealt with Israel according to the Biblical account. Therefore, brown people entering into a brown country makes perfect sense on many levels. Egypt did not give apology for the past. They gave asylum as action and evidence of what they believed as a people at that moment.

I submit to you that we must stop being a society of apologist for nonsense. Stop defending your foolishness. If you are devoid of basic human decency, own it and make a decision to continue or change. If you feel guilt for the problems that plague our society, don’t defend your specific actions, commit yourself to being the individual you say you are and speak truth to power.

This nation needs to be converted. It needs to stop sweeping the problems under the rug. God right now is beating this rug showing the world the dirt. We need to confess our sins. The Bible says, that if we confess our sins God is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us. Yet, we must take the next step. The next step is living in our cleanliness.

May I propose an outline of a strategy?

  1. We must confess our sin
  2. We must commit to living at peace with all
  3. We must assess our collective abilities and position ourselves to move change forward
  4. We must demonize those who are not front line, but recognize the power of support on all front
  5. Stop promoting utopia ideas without addressing systematic nuisances opposed to human unity
  6. Begin the change on every micro level so that macro impact is no longer seen as impossible
  7.   Look to God in every level of the process

Do not allow the negativity of the moment push you to find a place to defend blindness to the atrocities of now. Do not allow the fear internet trolls (weak minded people who would never speak in public to you) to shake your resolve for change. Do not hid behind structures and processes that limit your commitment to doing the things of God (Church! Proclamation and letters of discontent are not the way Jesus handled business! Conversion, change, and action). It is time that the movement of change extends to real transformative action. No more apologies! Confession and Action! Period.