The Issue with Thinking Small

One of the hardest things to ever admit to myself is small my thinking was for many years. I’m not saying that I have not had progressive thoughts or dealt with people from the baseline basic humanity. No. I lived in this rigid bubble that was way to tight for my existence and too small for my vision, imagination, or purpose.

As a child, I wanted to play sports. At different points of my journey, I had different people tell me that I was too fat, too big, or not athletic enough to tryout for the teams. That type of negativity turned into fuel rooted in anger that anyone would tell me that I was not good enough. That negative based drive led to MVP trophies, championships, great grades, and other achievements. Yet, I still did not get what I really wanted. I wanted the haters and discounters to just say, “You were right. I was wrong about you.”

As much as I wanted that satisfaction, life taught me that you can not always rely on people to change their minds even with concrete evidence before them (sounds like many people in this world today). I am now 36 years old and realize that my concept of sticking it to people with success was way too small.

My greatest issue was not believing in the power of being unique as God created. Yes, I was told what the Bible said. “You are fearfully, wonderfully made.” I got it cognitively. However, my heart was attempting to interpret head knowledge with environmental circumstances. The two did not reconcile. I proved the gifts of God within me daily. Yet, people that are supposed to be close to me stated my best was not good enough for them.

Here comes the rub. My best was not there best. My God-given personality was not enough for them. My being was not acceptable to them. What a tension to believe that your whole life would be under subjection. Many people live in that place. We have governed our existence by the timing and rhythm of people who deal with the same level of insecurity. That is small thinking. It’s time to think big.

God is so vast that the Universal Monarch’s presence can not be contained. Therefore, being created in said image and likeness gives us the freedom and nature to expand beyond the limiting views of limited people. For many years, people could only see the preacher. Many people still can not conceive the idea that I write poetry, books, and blog posts. It took writing a book for some people to realize that my thoughts were deeper than a shouting close of a sermon.

Today, I want you to take a moment to declare who you really are. Do not attempt to fit it within the confines of environmental group think. Take a moment to take stock in what God has create you to be in this world. I am a husband, father, son, grandson, son-in-love (my in-laws love me), scholar, preacher, pastor, friend, brother, sports enthusiast, and food lover. That list is only the tip of the ice burg of my complete existence. You are more than the limitations. You are powerful beyond measure.