The Continuation of an Environment of “Me”

We have now arrived at a critical moment in our society. With all of the protesting, differing opinions, and uncovering of secret thoughts, we are now facing a moral crisis the likes of which have never seen before. Our society has spoken with clarity and has suggested to all of us that the value of life has reached an all time low. Though I am an advocate of equality and equity, it would be dishonest and pretentious for me to think that the particular struggle that has come to the forefront does not have roots in the general cause of misapporiating value on human life. 

Let me be perfectly clear. The ongoing tragedy in Las Vegas will leave significant impact on the lives of people for many years beyond this day. Individuals enjoying the sound of Country music, the community of assembly, and the joy of entertainment will have to replay in their memory the sounds of artilery, screams, and panic cascading over the sound of a guitar. Nothing in this life can dismiss the visual or audible experience that continues to played and posted in social media. 

Yet, my concern going forward is how did we arrive at this moment? I have many theories and ideas. However, they all boil down to one overarching reality. The “Me’ mentality overshadows the need to better the body politic of society. I am convinced more than ever that people have chosen “number one” over common decency. I believe that the isms and schisms of life do not play any significant role in how we approach one another. The spiritual rooting that was common in generations past has been replaced with the self-serving ideology to preserve me at all cost. 

What makes a leader decide to negate his or her responsibility to the great whole by creating a narrative not rooted in reality? What makes a person travel and perch above a gather just to rain down gunfire? What makes people choose cloth over justice? Why must patriotism yield to nationalism? How can places open in the name of Jesus decide that doing good is optional? When “me” interferes with “we”, we have to acknowledge the aspects of life that become damaged. 

  1. Our capacity for caring (empathy) grows thin
  2. Our willingness to fix broken issues becomes distracted by the preservation of our own interest
  3. Doing the right thing becomes an inconvenience not the rule
  4. Right is measured individual interests
  5. Equality is maniputed 
  6. Equity is demonized
  7. People are harmed 
  8. Lives are damaged

For everything that I have listed, I wonder how many people will have the resolve to become counter-cultural to the indignity of “me”. In order for the future to become hopeful, we must position ourselves not only to be “woke”, but we must be determined to reclaim the value of human dignity and life. Otherwise, our future will be dashed. Our lives will lack substance. Our hope will be gone.