Why Are You So Angry?

Like many people in our society, I have grown extremely weary of the constant barrage of commentary regarding separatist ideology. The public discourse has become so easily toxic that my mind can not conceptualize the last time I heard anyone have a civil dialogue about anything. The wave of discontent and discord has led me [...]

Revisiting a Testimony

In light of recent events, I felt it was necessary to run this previous post one more time. People must stop treating mental health, suicide, etc as issues of quitting and no faith. It will take mature people to address an issue that affects many people everywhere. This is my testimony.... The most difficult thing [...]

Help Is Essential

One of the great challenges of my life is asking for help. I remember my mother always telling me, "If you don't know something, ask someone to help you." I was always determined to find a way to get the answer or solution before submitting that I was incapable of processing the moment. The resistance [...]